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Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3) [Oct. 14th, 2008|12:07 pm]
Right let me start off with saying that I'm a huge Silent Hill fan, own all the previous console iterations and completed them many a time. So it dissapoints me when i say this that Silent Hill: Homecoming is a huge dissapointment. The story itself is probably fine but as i gave up on it way before i learned anything more about it, i can't really say on the matter. 

What really turned me off on this game is the atrocious graphics, I'm not a graphic whore or anything like that its just they really stick out like a sore thumb constantly and i have a huge eye for detail and its irks me at every turn.

Very Low resolution textures everywhere, plastic character models and lack of any decent graphical detail to speak of in the normal (foggy purgatory) realm. I'm sure the Hair for the character models are designed by Playmobile.

The dog monsters look like something i made out of red plasticine when i was 6.

Alex moves way too slow, he looks like he is moving faster than he acually is. He also has the loudest steps i've heard in a game for awhile.

Where i was constantly focusing on the graphics i was missing out on the atmosphere, it was just way too hard for me ignore. I'm a huge fan of the Silent Hill series and it pains me that i just couldn't put up with it.
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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [Jun. 16th, 2008|09:53 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Harry Gregson Williams - Metal Gear Saga]

Metal Gear Solid on the original Sony Playstation is held as my favourite game of all time. Now that I've finished MGS4 the latest incarnation of the Metal Gear series. It has put me in a very difficult position, it could very well knock off my favourite game of all time of its glowing holy perch. Which has been siting right up there aloft for the past decade! I enjoyed every minute of it from beginning to end. The characters the amount of scope, action and stealth setpieces.

It's also got to be credited for its gameplay and music. The music itself fits all the themes wonderfully, its not over the top and quite possibly the best soundtrack since the original. I won't discuss the gameplay too much as you can find out for yourself easily. Of all the current generation machines Xbox 360 & PS3. Its by far the best looking game ever made and truly shows that the PS3 as a console can seriously do much better graphics than Xbox 360. Makes everything thats come before pale before it in comparison. Its the killer app for the PS3 to show off that it can be done.

Since upon its release there has been alot of negativity coming from the length of its cutscenes. Indeed they can be long, but nowhere near as long as some reviewers would have you think. Its roughly the same as some of the previous games. Even then, the game balances it out nicely between the gameplay.

There was never a time where i thought that i really wanted to get back into the game. They are as ever well directed and its all in wonderful realtime. The way the game takes you into and out of cutscene is extremly smooth and no other game has ever managed to do this properly or as superb as this.

As i was saying previously, its neck and neck for my top position. As soon as the credits came to a close i wanted to play it again! Surely GOTY material right there. Theres only been a few games that have managed to make me to do this, MGS1 and Resident Evil 2.

Kudos to Kojima, hes wrapped up a decade of beautiful games absolutly wonderfully!
If you have a PS3, you owe yourself to buy this game even if you've never played any of the previous titles.

Homoerotic swordfighting for the WIN!


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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2008|12:31 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Appleseed: Ex Machina - PAL

Let me start off by saying im a huge fan of Masamune Shirow, i have been for many years and i continue to be. Now thats out of the way, i'll start the review. Huh hem...

Terrible film. Beyond moronic in its execution, the digital acting is absolutly atrocious, it all comes off terribly cheesy like a midday japanese tv drama. Briarios ducking behind people in a suit at a party to surprise Duenan was beyond hilarious for all the wrong reasons, characters raising arms and biceps in the air shouting out their determination. Made me laugh out loud.

The film which has the legend John Woo producing it, so you would expect alot of crazy action going into it. If i remember correctly theres only about 3
action setpieces in the movie. Story wise, you can predict everything from a long way off. I was scratching my head trying to work out how stupid the characters are in this film. Some of the crucial plot elements, like devices etc you can see about 30mins earlier than anyone in the entire movie, it just makes the characters look stupid and the whole thing unbelievable.

The team behind this film had the right idea with the love triange between Briarios, Deunan & Tereus. But its terribly executed and makes Deunan look incredibly shallow, it never really developes at. It just sort of magically fixes itself by the end. No character developement at all, which is shameful in any film. They had plenty of material to work with, to develope all of the above but they didn't.

I can't believe i bought this on blu-ray, i can't fault the picture at least it was pristine, vivid and colourful. So, overall the visuals of the film itself are really nice, there isn't much of an advancement though from the previous film in this regard, the character designs just got a little upgrade and a tweak here and there.

Most of the character designs of people in the background or secondary characters look below average, everything else looks super including the gorgeous backgrounds. The animation is alot nicer, it also has some excellent camera shots.

All the great bits of the film are the little touches that emulate some of John Woo's work like the robotic doves or the slow mo and quick stylish reloading bits. Its nowhere near the excellence of anything directed by John Woo though, its an insult to the likes of Hard Boiled, but then its a totally different movie.

I listened to the Film through my standard Sony Stereo Headphones, so i can't comment on whether it holds up well with a decent surround sound setup. As for the audio itself, its nothing too fancy if a little generic. The voice acting in the japanese language is extremly average compared to any other hit anime film you might have seen this year, it all sounds a bit stilted and lacks any real character.
Explosions and firefights never had the right punch either.

The english audio on the other hand is absolutly atrocious, i just couldn't bear it. Not that im a die hard anime fan or anything. I just tend to listen to english dubs more, as i hear the japanese language far too often as it is. The dub is really cheesy and the voices are just so over the top, they just don't match the characters on screen.

Really would have prefered to watch it in English as the subtitles on this blu-ray release were really bad, not only is it dubtitles but the subtitles are so white, that they blend in the background and you can't hardly see them sometimes. I think i had this problem with Tekkonkinkreet.

The film should have had the brains of Ghost in the Shell and the dialogue to match it, which is a dead shame. As it had all the right elements to make a classic movie, but they were totally missing from the film. So we got a brainless Sci-fi movie with a little action & stiff acting. STIFF as in DEAD.

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Dragonball Z: Burst Limit [Jun. 7th, 2008|03:38 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

Another, lil review post of Dragonball Z: Burst Limit on the PS3.

The game is absolutly slick, if you liked the previous Budokai games your going to love this one. It's gained a huge leap in the visuals due to it being on the next generation. The only problem I've found with them is perhaps the stages themselves are not that much to look at. Very dull and barren compared to the characters themselves, but the game moves so fast you will hardly take your eyes off the characters anyway. Everything else is really vivid and colourful.

The cutscenes, animation and general interface are superb. So much so, the a game really does look better than the anime that its based on (take in account the tv series age itself. The Ubisoft team behind Naruto Rise of A Ninja should feel ashamed when they give this a look. Dimps have done a wonderful job here.

If you have played any of the previous Budokai games, you will feel right at home here. The combat has had a bit of a tweak, i never got to play the previous game, so correct me if im wrong. But you can do, some powerful supers that take away all your Ki. Theres also a few other things, that can make the combat alot deeper, which i haven't really learnt myself yet. So you can take it to that extra level if you'd like.

I picked up the PS3 version as when i played both demos, the ps3 version looked alot nicer too my eyes, so i went with that. The 360 version looked slightly blurry to me. Theres also no install for the PS3 version either. If anyone is wondering0 if it has English & Japanese audio, i can say that it definetly has both.

Will post more thoughts later once ive finished the single player campaign. :)

Heres a little trailer below, hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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The World Ends With You [May. 26th, 2008|12:15 pm]
Another review for you guys. More so my own PR for the game as Square-Enix hasn't even done any for themselves since the game came out a month ago. Which is rediculous really. Onto the review and super description.

The Game:

Is called Subarashiki Kono Sekai, known in the UK as The World Ends With You. Developed by the same Team that brought us the excellent Kingdom Hearts series, Jupiter. The first thing about it that catches your attention is the wonderful Presentation it has. Everything just leaps out of the screen with its extra big black lines and visual punk flair. Check out my current Avatar to get an idea, Tetsuya Nomura is a god!

As soon as you put the game in your also knocked out by the game's wonderful music, a mix of chart-topping Japanese Pop to Hip-hop. Its the first game thats come close to the visual genius and musical design of Jetset Radio & Persona 3. There hasn't been anything else quite like it.

The story starts off very EMO, kind of like any Final Fantasy on the PSX. You wake up stuck in Shibuya (hence the music and clothes design fashions). The main character Neku can give Squall a run for his money in the angsty department. The dialouge so far is well written and nicely translated. Hopefully later on in the game the character will open up more.

But don't let that put you off, the combat system couldn't have been done on any other system. You work in a 2 person team, one character at the bottom the other at the top. This works by controlling the bottom character using the touch screen and the the top uses the d-pad or buttons, depending which handed you are. This can get very confusing at first due to the multi-tasking you will have to do but if you persevere you willl get the hang of it in no time.

The battle system consists of EMO Pin Badges which allow you to control some method of Telekenisis e.g. Fire, Thunder and other direct methods of attack. These also level up the more fights you win. The more you get the hang, the more combos you can pull off between both characters.

You can also customise your character as you see fit, moreso than any Square-Enix game in awhile, which is very western in its design but very Japanese. E.g. You can buy noodles that increase a certain stat of your choosing, but you can only eat a certain amount per day and you have to fight numourous battles to acually digest your food and aquire it.

Its an Original from Square-Enix. Support this instead of those dreadful Final Fantasy I + II re-releases.

Anyways enough of my rambling be sure to check it, support and buy this wonderful game.


Heres a trailer:
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Old Okami Review: Unleashed [May. 25th, 2008|10:11 pm]
Here is an old Okami review i wrote when it was first released in America, written on the 1st October 2006. I completly forgot that i wrote one. The original idea for this review was to upload it to Gamefaqs to spread the love. They wouldn't allow it either because of my british grammer or that it was too long.

Anyways, your looking at a really rough review. I don't think i even edited or made any necessary corrections. Now you know that, hopefully you will enjoy it. :)

Onward to my Review!:

Have you ever wanted to see a watercolour painting flow, live and breath in motion?
If you have, Okami is just for you. Its designed by the wonderful Clover Studios at Capcom, the people who brought us Viewtiful Joe and the also upcoming God Hand.

Okami is a tale of the adventure of the Sun-God Okami Amaterasu, who happens to be a lovable Wolf. Amaterasu has the power to manipulate the environment using a paint brush called the Celestial Brush.With this magical brush you can grow trees, make them bloom, create bombs and slash enemies. That is just a small starter of some of the many celestial powers you will be collecting on your adventure.

The story begins by telling you about a demon called Orochi who has been taking sacrifices from kamiko village (the main village of the game). Every year this happens a Wolf appears, the villagers believe that this wolf is a familier for Orochi, they think he is picking out the sacrifice every year. The people of the village eventually start to call him Shiranui. The 100th year this happens a girl named Nami gets chosen, the man Nagi who is in love with her, takes her place as the sacrifice and heads off to fight Orochi. Shiranui follows him in his tracks and the both team up to defeat and seal away Orochi for good. Unfortunately Shiranui succumbs to the deadly attacks of the demons fangs and dies. Nagi the survivor, takes the limp body of Shiranui back to the village and dedicate a statue to the brave Wolf. A 100 years pass since the dramatic fight between Nagi, Shiranui and Orochi. The seal that keeps the dreaded demon at bay, gets lifted by an unknown person, thus resurrects the terrifying demon and engulfing the world without life and total darkness. Now heres where our adventure begins, the surviving wood sprite and protector of Kamiko Village resurrects the God within Shiranui's statue and the god born is Amaterasu. It's his job to bring back life and warmth to the world to put a stop to the demons. Amaterasu is joined by a small bug creature named Issun who brings much humor to the game aswell as helpful information.

The world itself is full of character, charm and love. Its probably been a long time since ive seen a world so alive with those items interwoven in such a lovely masterful package. When i started this review i said, "have you ever wanted to see a watercolour painting flow, live and breath in motion?" the colours and animations themselves are exactly like that, it is a watercolour painting in motion. A good example of this is when the day itself turns from day to night, the blue sky will be washed over with black paint, its hard to explain but when you will see it with your own eyes you will know what im talking about. Also when you see Amaterasu bringing life to the land, the flowers come into bloom, the rivers beds bursting with water and the flowers blossoming from the trees, your jaw will drop to the floor. Another amazing thing to note, is the constant framerate which will only occasionally drop. Pretty much all the time it is a solid 60fps, just seeing the flowers grow and blossom when Amaterasu running, i realised that why do we needs the next generation when the current generation is making titles like this.

Your probably wondering about how the action takes place and if it works right. Its like this, you will see wandering scrolls moving about on the landscape. When Amaterasu comes into contact with these a battle ensues, you will then be fighting a number of different demons. The different moves and combinations of weaponry and different types of moves will always keep you entertained. If you don't want to fight, they are easily avoidable. The actual adventure and gameplay itself is similar to Zelda. Just don't think its as easily predictable as that, its definitely not a go to dungeon find new weapon use new weapon to beat boss kind of game. As for the difficulty, im not going to beat around the bush..its incredibly easy, which isn't a bad thing. I myself think that it really suits it. There isn't any annoying mind numbing ill-logical puzzles or incredibly over the top difficulty spikes, you will never feel frustrated by playing it, its like playing with heaven itself, no pun intended. The controls themselves are easy, you will be used to them within a couple of minutes, using the celestial brush itself is a bit awkward at first but the more you use it the quicker it is you will be striking combos and different sorts of moves against your many enemies. The celestial brush is activated by holding down the R1 button, then using the left analog stick to move the brush and drawing using square for thin or triangle for thick strokes. The many locations and landscapes are incredibly imaginative, one place you visit a sanctuary inhabited by sparrows and another travelling in the bowels of an emperor.

The music which is composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi. Wonderful, words can hardly describe this epic pieces of music. The theme throughout is of course ancient japan, like the musical instruments the Shamisen etc. For those of you who have played Shenmue think of the musical pieces you heard there and times how much you liked them by 10 and you have the soundtrack in Okami. The soundtrack released on a whopping 5 cds, thats 5 hours of music. The translation of the text in the game itself is solid, because the game doesn't feature any voices except mumbles, theres a heck of amount of text and none of it ever gets dull or derivative, its all in there nice and snug.

As for the length of the game itself, people could probably finish it in 30 hrs. Which i really don't recommend, if you rush through it you will be missing out on many of the game's delights. I finished it in 40+ and i didn't get all the health dots, moves or weapons & equipment. There's a ton of unlockables, including a full music suit, hi-res art (130+) and production videos (e3, tgs and in-house). You can also save you game after you finish and continue a new game with all your stats and money from your previous journey in the world of Okami. i heard alot of flak about the instruction manual for the US release, because the Japanese version had a coloured instruction manual containing all the lovely art, i haven't seen it myself so im not bias. Regardless of the US manual not being in colour, it does contain a lot of information, it has a small write up of all the meanings for the various kan-ji you will see throughout the game aswell as great descriptions of the many characters, something you wouldn't normally see in most manuals.

I wholeheartedly recommend Okami, if you probably couldn't guess.I have never been so thoroughly swept away in a game in such a long time its such a magical creation, its like watching a Studio Ghibli film, it makes me feel the same way. In fact this is the first major review i have written in the past 4 or 5 years, thats how important this game means to me and i want people like you to know how wonderful it is. Alot of love, blood, tears and creation sweat went into Okami, those guys deserve one hell of a clap. Zelda: Twilight Princess has some serious competition to beat now. So be sure to pick up a copy whenever you can. If you don't own a ps2, this title itself is worth owning one. If you call yourself a gamer pick this. Sorry to all you pal owners but Okami doesn't get a release in Europe till at least February.


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Friday, June 02, 2006 [May. 25th, 2008|10:11 pm]
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 was released last night. Just clocked it and i have to say it was pretty nice. Although incredibly short under 3hrs I shouldn't really complain, it being episodic (although anyone who buys the retail version should be shot). I found it alot shorter than Sin Episodes - Emergence. Although Episode 1 is alot more polished, nice set pieces and trigger events. Like everyone else I have to wait at least 6months for the next part...but knowing valve probably add another 6months to that. :(

I have been incredibly busy looking for a suitable course to change my life around. Ive applied to all the Universities, im interested in. But if those fall through, ive got the local college to back me up. Im looking into doing something in English or Media Studies. So im wishing myself some luck!

The other week i went to see TV Celeb Derek Acorah, helping people look for their departed loved ones. It was quite interesting and i was on camera alot, he also came into my Aisle which made me go wow, because he was wearing a white suit like the dude in Miami Vice.

I recently heard that Hitman: Blood Money is number 1 in the charts. Its about time a fantastic Indie game series such as Hitman made it to the number 1 spot. Blood Money is a great game about being a Hitman. More people should buy it. End of.
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Monday, May 08, 2006 [May. 25th, 2008|10:10 pm]
Small update. I finally finished Longest Journey and Ace Combat: Squadron Leader. Enjoyed both of them, the latter made me reminise to my younger days when i picked up air combat 1 on the psone platinum. truth be told the reason i picked it up is because of its logo (shallow i know), i wish they made a badge of that so i can sew it on my bag or something. Anyway, the story in squaddie is excellent. loads of lovely twists and excellent missions. The Longest Journey, is a game i cherish like i am with a good book. April Ryan is one of the most human characters i have witnessed in a game and the writing and dialouge is phenomenal. I wish the creator Ragnar Tørnquist would write a series of books.

Also i made some movies for a buddy of mine, to show him how to whoop ass on guilty gear. because some cheap buggers, keeping cheaping him out. Unfortunatly these vids dont show me in the best of light, its the pc version and its using fraps so everything is set to 30fps unlike its usual 60fps, so that mucks a few things up and the pc pad is just awful fdf combinations never work when i want them to, Oh well. So i upped them to youtube and im going to embed them on here, just to see how cool it is.


SOL 1:

SOL 2:

KY 1:

KY 2:

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Friday, April 28, 2006 [May. 25th, 2008|10:10 pm]
jesus christ. i should have updated this ages ago. sorry, just forgot about it.

At the moment, im playing through dreamfall: the longest journey a sequel to the amazing adventure game the longest journey. Alot of people have been slating this game for the wrong reasons, like this wanker of a reviewer. The story and voice acting is incredibly rich. Sure, there isn't much gameplay like the first game but it sure makes up for it in abundance of story and character, i cant seem to put it down mainly because i just want to know what happens next. If you liked the longest journey, its a no brainer you need this game! as for people that just like adventure games, its well worth picking up just for the story. Its just a great book in game form, hard to put down!

Another game i have been playing is guitar hero, which happens to be incredibly addictive. tons of replay value, I started off being piss poor when i first put it in my ps2 but the more you play it the more you see how much better your getting, deeply rewarding. the music selection is incredible. Strumming away to sharp dressed man, iron man, symphony of destruction and cowboys from hell. the bonus songs are all preety good especially tracks by freezepop - ready 2 rokk bringing synth guitar to the people, classic grunge by the graveyard bbq and their track cheat on the church . I can't wait for the recently anounced guitar hero 2, which has bass guitar playing on multiplayer and 55 new tracks to rock too. \n/

Also finished Kingdom hearts 2, that game is way too easy. Way easier than the first game, but the charming story, new characters and worlds more than makes up for it. Going into Tron for the first time is incredible. Although the game is incredibly short, it does tie up everything nicely at the end. Also if you do beat everything on proud mode, you get a special movie like the first kindom hearts. Showing theres another one in the works, which kind of pissed me off. Some of the worlds were a bit meh, one in particular which i was severly dissapointed with was the mulan's world, being a fan of the movie i felt it was preety bland and short, it bored me to death same goes with the pirates of the carribean world. Its worth playing once.

I went to cardiff last night, I met some new people in the pub. I didn't have a great time, everyone was talking to each other and talking about their daily university life, which i don't have or even know about. It didn't help that i went straight after work travelled for an hour to get there for this so called "fun" evening. I wasn't happy when i left, thats for sure and i was bloody knackered. Although I was forced to play my psp to entertain myself while i was there, if that wasn't embarrasing enough!
I did manage to bag a copy of super ghouls n ghosts on the snes this morning. So my mood is a little bit better.
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Friday, February 24, 2006 [May. 25th, 2008|10:09 pm]

So richie i beat your time, now eat my ass. seriously, did it first time. anyway, i beat all these collosi in time attack mode and unlocked all the nice little extras. now its time to head onto hard mode and get the extra stuff on there. oh i love to show off and be a completist, especially on fantastic games like colossus.
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